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The quivering lip

A quietness that seems loud.
Exposed truth, now tangible-
Soft streaks rolling slowly
Over plush cheeks
and into the dip of the lip;
Stagnant and alone
wandering over your skin.
The corners of your eyes,
with a mind of their own,
Glassy Pink
Filling up and spilling out
like light caught in a daimond;
Turning over and over.
The quiet feels threatening
inside cavity of your trembling body:
Heavy and desperate.
Shakes to hold in the sound/
A breath to give it away
A slight relief but
Ensue deep panic in
your Heart and your Gut.

Begin with the quivering lip..



First Kiss (creator asked 20 strangers to kiss for the first time)

wait, i love this

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"The Purest Mushroom" / "En Saf Mantar"


A m e n

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Tears Are Very Similar to Flood Water

I was looking for things
I had lost in the move-
a flood of emotion
swept my home away.
The drifting wood was splintered
and bumping our ankles.
I found your books in the tub-
so careless and denied,
I threw them into high tide.
Some things were damaged,
rotten with good intentions,
But we picked up the pieces.
This was different.
This was harder.
A road taken over by rocks and sand-
and it’s been getting so very,
very hard to stand.

card. greetings from a sarcastic disgruntled person from your past.